Which Of These Disney Love Stories Will Be Your Own Happily Ever After?

Published on   Apr 09, 2020




Every Disney Princess has her own powers, traits and qualities that make her distinctly original. No princess is ever the same, so how could her love story be?


We all fall in love with the princesses because of their individuality, but that stellar happy ending is also so fun to see. Plus, she deserves it!


Find out below which princess’s happily ever after will be yours based on your personality and love interests!


Mulan and Li Shang


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Do you ever feel like a guy’s girl? Do you crave adventure and put family and honor before anything else? Do you like guys who see you for who you are before they fall in love with you? Do you love Mulan and Li Shang’s love story because she followed her own heart before following his— because they both saved and supported each other? If you answered yes, this love story is all yours!


Ariel and Prince Eric


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Do you want a relationship based off curiosity, bravery and love? Ariel rescued Prince Eric when he went overboard on his birthday, and she brought him to shore, singing to him until he woke up. She then goes through many obstacles of both confidence and loyalty and faith like watching Eric fall for Vanessa (who is really Ursula manipulating him), attacking Ursula for the trident and rescuing both Prince Eric and her father. If you don’t mind a relationship full of ups and downs, rather be heard than seen, and want a passion so strong as well as a wedding on a ship at the beach with a sunset... this happily ever after is yours for keeps!


Tiana and Prince Naveen


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Are you the type of girl who likes a good hustle— who knows the value of hard work? Do you want to make sure that the person you’re with finally learns it too, and perhaps you’re their role model for it? Do you love that Tiana and Naveen had to face the world together time and time again before they grew in love? Have you always wanted a love story where the guy you love wants to be a better version of himself, for you? Answered yes? Your happily ever after will be just like Tiana and Prince Naveen’s!


Belle and the Beast


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Have you read books your whole life, and loved the feeling of running through meadows or fields of flowers because it felt so free? Are you a dreamer who doesn’t mind overcoming challenges and getting to know someone for their heart rather than their looks? If you have always wanted a slow-blooming romance, enjoy the little things of life like chirping birds, snowfall or libraries, your love story is going to be like Belle and Beast’s. You never judge a book by its cover!


Rapunzel and Flynn

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If you’re a girl who wants an exciting, fun-loving and energizing relationship, you and Rapunzel are cut from the same cloth. Do you love Flynn’s rough-around-the-edges personality, along with his rugged handsomeness but kind, down-to-earth heart? Do you love that they met because they both wanted freedom? Would you rather, instead of a perfect guy, have someone imperfect, but perfect for you? If yes, Rapunzel and Flynn’s love story is yours for the taking!


Cinderella and Prince Charming

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Have you always fantasized about a love story that all started with love at first sight? Have you always wanted to find a man who was emotionally expressive and open with his feelings? Have you always wanted a love strong enough where the guy would search all through town to find you, because he’s a hopeless romantic just like yourself? If you want a story full of passion, suspense and a guy who loves you for who you are rather than your status, Cinderella and Prince Charming’s happily ever after will rightfully be yours!

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