What Those 15 Disney Characters Would Look Like If They Were The Opposite Gender?

By  Jey
Published on   Sep 15, 2020

cover 3Via Disney

In the world of Disney, everything goes the usual way — princesses are all beautiful, and princes are handsome. But artist TT Bret decided to challenge this order of things and make some cartoon characters switch their genders. Let’s take a look at their incredible transformations together.

1# Moana

1Walt Disney

2# Elsa

2Via Walt Disney

3# Ursula3

Via Walt Disney

4# Aladdin

4Via Walt Disney

5# Belle and the Beast

5Via Walt Disney

6# Wendy

6Via Walt Disney

7# Alice

7Via Walt Disney

8# Esmeralda

8Via Walt Disney

9# Tarzan

9Via Walt Disney

10# Rapunzel

10Via Walt Disney

11# Anna

11Via Walt Disney

12# Jasmine

12Via Walt Disney

13# Merida

13Via Walt Disney

14# Ariel

14Via Walt Disney

15# Snow White

15Via Walt Disney

Which of these new images of Disney characters impressed you the most?

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