What Is Your Disney Princess Personality Type?

By  Laura Zaks
Published on   Mar 27, 2020



Disney princesses have more to offer than just their love story with a prince, or their wonderful songs that lift us into beautiful daydreams.


These women have intricate personalities, different quirks and qualities, and special character traits that appeal to diverse audiences.


Which Disney princess in the following list do you relate to the most, and what does that show about your scope on life? What does it mean about your character?



Do you love Ariel’s bright red hair, curiosity and ability to face new challenges because of her perceiving and thinking nature? That is probably because you yourself are a very wondrous, driven and dedicated person who never quits. You want to get to the bottom of things, figure out any situation and never give up. Your friends probably know as you as the type to never quit— no matter how hard something can be. You are a force to be reckoned with!





If you gravitate to Merida, you have an extravert personality with confidence oozing from your fingertips. You know to be bold, brave and charismatic— to express your opinions even when they’re different from others. You don’t let anyone walk all over you and you are a natural-born leader. Look at you go!




Does Elsa’s “Let it Go?” still give you chills? Do you admire her wisdom and her strive to being her own woman? If you relate the most to Elsa, you are the kind of person who craves independence and going after adventure. You want to chase your dreams at your own free will and never back down from being your own shoulder to cry on. The future is your oyster and you can see it so clearly. Never lose your sense of drive and ambition!




Do you find yourself longing to be outdoors, to find inner serenity in nature or to hike and see breathtaking views? When Pocahontas sings “Colors of the Wind,” do you picture those colors perfectly? In relating to Pocahontas, you show that you are a perceptive, deep-thinking individual who likes to immerse herself in her surroundings, in the people around her. You bring calm and peace to group settings, consideration and kindness to your relationships.






Patience is Cinderella’s virtue, and now you know that it’s yours too! Cinderella and you share that warmth, compassion, nurturing and caring nature for others. You put others first and hardly complain— something that is so hard to find! You are a rare gem who always rises above difficulty. You grow from the ashes, the cinders. You are true to who you are— an authentic, lovable and sweet woman with a wonderful heart.


5 jpgDisney


Does the Beast’s library speak volumes to you? Do you love the way Belle goes out in search of her father and rejects Gaston? You’d be Belle’s best friend! You are someone who sees more than what’s there, who sees the bigger picture and fully plunges into optimism. You help people find the light in themselves just as you never forget your own true values and heart. You are a beautiful soul, so let it shine!  





Do you admire Mulan’s strength and bravery? Does her quiet yet bold nature just inspire you to your core? Perhaps it’s because you yourself exhibit and aim to stand up for others, fight for what’s right, show love and care through actions and not just words. You are a woman of powerful energy that is displayed through courage, fight and grit. For you, the end does often justify the means— you’ll do everything you can to protect those you love.





Being a woman of Tiana’s energy, you house qualities of hard work, justice, and inner strength that no one can take away. You are more than down-to-earth and refuse to live in a world without fairness. You don’t take anything for granted and live in the moment, for the moment. You are a woman of strength, dignity, success and self-awareness. With your chin up and shoulders high, you know what you deserve. Never settle!



8 jpgDisney


Identifying with Rapunzel truly underscores your youthful energy, up-for-anything spirit and your talkative, open aura. You’re the gal that livens up any room, the friend that chases down the best adventures and are a lover of travel. You don’t like being cooped up, but if you are, you still know how to make the most of it! You are just a big ball of creativity, spunk, and originality. Who knows what you have up your sleeve?


What do you think?