What Exactly Are We Expecting For Disney's Encanto?

Published on   Nov 17, 2021

What Exactly Are We Expecting for Disney's Encanto?

From magical fantasies to dark mysteries through comedy and action, Disney has given us some of the most memorable and amusing animated movies of all time. and this time, in the year 2021, Disney is going to crash the party again by bringing in a never-seen-before movie you will love endlessly. 

let’s see what we can expect from it, and don’t worry, no spoilers here!

Set in a magical reality of modern Colombia, Encanto tries to slightly deviate away from its traditional pure fantasy themes. Latin America, Latin culture, and Colombia play an integral part in the movie. As a melting pot of peoples, dances, and music, Latin culture is the premise that Encanto revolves around.

According to the director Jared Bush, a central theme the movie will discuss is family ties, mainly the question “How well do we know our family and how well does our family know us?”. The team tries to get closer to the audience personally through that. 

A Shift from Pure Fantasy to Magical Realism

So, obviously, you should have guessed by now that this movie is about a magical adventure of a not-so-ordinary family, right?  However, though Encanto has a lot of what you would expect from a typical magical fantasy of a Disney movie, it will not be the same as every other movie theme. This time, rather than purely dipping itself if pure fantasy, the team has turned into what they call “magical realism.” And of course, they didn’t forget to add plenty of music and songs as well!

Magical Realism?

You must probably be curious about this by now? Magical realism? How is that different from fantasy? Fantasy is when a story is set in a purely fictional, out-of-this-world, and not-of-this-world setting, like the movie "Frozen". Magical Realism doesn't have an other-worldly setting but has plenty of magical and mystic fun embedded into it. just like Encanto, it's set in Colombia, but hey, it's Colombia with a lot of "magical" touches!

If you want to know “Encanto”, There are 3 things you should get straight. The Family, The House, and the Magic! 

Meet the Magical “Madrigal” Family and their Encanto!

Meet the Madrigals! The family that’s blessed with plenty of love, plenty of charm, and more-than-enough fun! But you cannot leave out the Encanto, the magical house that Madrigals live in if you truly want to get to know the family!


Because their house is magical and alive too! it's their enchanted house (Encanto) that gives them their magical abilities!

Let’s now meet the colorful and vivid central characters that drive Encanto’s story and message. But here is where the family's magical touch comes in, each of them is granted unique magical powers at the age of 5 tied to their personality!

The Characters!

Pedro and Alma are the patriarch and the matriarch of the family. it was to Pedro that a magical candle was given with a flame that never douse!

They have 3 beautiful children, PeppaBruno, and Julietta. Each is bestowed with its own unique magical power!

Peppa's emotions can control the weather, Bruno can see into the future and Julietta can heal with food! As they grew older the family welcomed new members! 

Peppa’s husband Felix and their children,

Dolores, whose power makes sure that not a single whisper goes unheard because she got super-hearing,

Camilo, who can literally take any shape or form he can like with his shapeshifting ability,

and Antonio, who is not second to Dr. Doolittle as he too can speak to Animals!

While Julietta and her husband Agustin welcomed,

Isabela, who makes flowers sprout wherever she goes

Luisa, who can move mountains with her super-strength

And finally, the Mirabelle!

You might be thinking what happened to Mirabelle’s magical power!

Out of all the direct descendants of the Madrigals, only Mirabelle is left without a Magical power! why is that? and how is she going to keep up with this magical family and more importantly, how will the Madrigals deal with Mirabelle?

These are the deep topics that Encanto is revolving around. In almost a week from now on the 24th of November, the movie will be released worldwide, and let's keep our fingers crossed to see Mirabelle's and Madrigal’s wondrous and magical journey of self-discovery! 

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