Do Animals Talk To You? 7 Things To Become A Disney Princess

Published on   Nov 13, 2020

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There are two main trademarks that you can find in almost every Disney movie: a catchy song and a Disney princess. This formula has worked so well that people still sing some of these songs long after the movie's initial release.

And as far as Disney princesses go, they have inspired young girls and women around the world to emulate their looks. Whether it's for Halloween or for a cosplay event, you'll find at least one woman who wants to dress the part of their favorite Disney princess.

A lot of women dream of becoming a princess in one form or another and not everyone has the chance to marry into royalty as Meghan Markle did. So dressing up as one is probably the next best thing and Disney princesses provide the perfect template for it.

But there are those who feel that just dressing the part is not enough. They might as well do it professionally! And that's not as outlandish as it may seem because Disney theme parks around the world employ Disney "princesses" to become the face of the company and entertain the park's visitors.

While working as a Disney princess sounds like a dream job, it's not all cotton candy and rainbows. There are very real challenges to becoming one and a few of the more obvious ones are listed down here. This is not meant to discourage you from pursuing your dream of becoming a Disney princess if you really want to. But it's equally important to be realistic about it to avoid unnecessary heartaches not just during the application process but also if you manage to actually land the job.

If you're determined to become a professional Disney princess, here's what you need to know! 

1 - There's stiff competition

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Like every prime job posting, a lot of people want a piece of that pie. And getting a "face" position as a Disney cast member is one of the most prime assignments. Not only will the competition be very stiff, but Disney also has a lot of rigorous requirements for its princess candidates (and for good reason).

2 - You're not supposed to let anyone know you're a Disney princess

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Believe it or not, you're supposed to keep your friends and family in the dark about being a Disney princess, just like you would if you were a secret agent. You're even supposed to lie about it, if necessary! At the most, you're supposed to say you're friends with the princess character you're portraying.

3 - You must look like a princess

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Obviously, since you'll be the "face" of Disney in front of thousands of visitors, you need to look the part. While there are wigs and makeup, your features still need to closely meet the character you're going to portray. For instance, you can't play Snow White if you're heavily tanned.

Luckily, should you pass the other requirements the casting team will assign you the Disney princess you're going to portray. That's the other thing. You don't have a choice which Disney princess you're going to portray.

4 - There is a strict set of body requirements and measurements

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Via Disney

Normally, hiring decisions based on body type would be met with accusations of discrimination. But this is Disney and thanks to the movies, people have certain expectations of how a Disney princess should look like.

In terms of height, candidates should fall within the sweet spot between 5’4′′ to 5’7′′. That doesn't mean that being tall won't get you into Disney because women who are between 5’6” to 5’10” are often cast to play Maleficent or the evil stepsisters.

Disney also prefers average-sized women of size 12 or lower. Those of above-average bust size will also find it difficult because of the specific sizing of the dresses.

5 - Even as a princess, you start out as a mascot character

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Even if you manage to bag the role of a Disney princess, you still start out at the bottom like everyone else. That means doing shifts in hot and uncomfortable mascot suits. It's a great way to instill humility and an appreciation of how important each cast member is whether their faces can be seen.

6 - Getting hit on is an unfortunate reality of the job

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Even the happiest place on Earth has its share of creeps. By necessity, Disney princesses are attractive so it's inevitable that they're going to get some unwanted attention from people making passes at them.

The inside joke goes that those portraying Pocahontas and Jasmine have it worse because their costumes bare more skin than the other characters. Some princesses can only shake their heads at how brazen some of these guys are considering that there are a lot of children around.

7 - Expect your colleagues to prank you

P7 - Via starrynight_012 (Flickr)Via Walt Disney World

You may be a Disney princess in front of thousands of people but once you're backstage, you're just another cast member and all bets are off. Being a Disney princess is a stressful job and the women playing these roles often like to blow off some steam by pranking each other. One favorite is to hide underneath the voluminous dress of one princess and then pop out and scare another princess passing by.

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