Choose Your Travel Destination Based On Your Favorite Disney Princess

Published on   Oct 29, 2020

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Are you looking to try something a little different this year? Why not holiday like a Disney Princess- your favorite one, that is! Today we match up spectacular tourism destinations with the Disney Princesses that would have adored them. With such unique personalities, backgrounds, and loves, they’d all leap at the chance to explore these beautiful locations. Why not let your favorite Disney Princes influence your holiday destination this year- you won’t be sorry!

Moana- Tahiti

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This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise! Feisty Moana comes from Polynesia herself, the geographical area including Tahiti, Hawaii, and Tonga. Moana’s a true water baby, loving the beach and the sea, and spending her days on adventures, watersport, nature, and gorgeous vistas. Tahiti is well known as one of the best sand-and-surf destinations in the world, packed with opportunities for fun watersports, snorkelling, diving, and kayaking. There’s gorgeous animal life and island scenarios to explore, and some of the very best beaches in the world too. You’ll have a chance to understand the unique cultures that shaped your favorite Disney Princess into who she is, and make memories that will last a lifetime- what’s not to love about this gorgeous destination?

Jasmine- India

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While Disney’s Aladdin is, of course, heavily based on the famous Arabian Nights story, the geographic stretch of these beloved Arabic folktales actually stretches from Lebanon to China! Modern fans of the exquisite Princess Jasmine will find themselves a perfect match for the bustling vibes of modern India. Jasmine itches to break free of expectations and constrictions, and India’s accepting melting-pot vibe of peoples and beliefs will gel perfectly with that adventurous spirit. Explore the ancient, beautiful great palaces of India, and you’ll find a lot of similarities with Jasmine’s home in the film. The ‘pink city’, Jaipur, has even been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site recently. Bustling markets offer you the chance to echo your favorite Disney Princess as she explores among her people, and friendly faces, delicious cuisine and wonderful scenery and history to enjoy will seal the deal.

Cinderella- Venice

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This one may surprise you a little. If Cinders is your favorite Disney Princess, then we vote for you to head out to Venice on holiday as soon as possible! The iconic ‘floating city’ may conjure up images of poling down canals on a gondola (and you have to try the experience), but it’s also the home of the Venice Carnival. One of the largest carnivals in the world, there’s tons of fun to be had- but the best celebration comes out at night. Masquerade balls, where everyone hides their identity and swoons in the atmosphere of mystique, is the perfect way to act out the iconic ball experience of your favorite princess. A gala dinner and full

show round off the experience, you get a chance to dress up like a princess yourself, and who knows- maybe you’ll meet the perfect Prince Charming, too!

Belle- New York

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Belle is graceful, studious, and fascinated by the wide world around her. Where better to get a little taste of everything the world offers than in bustling New York? Belle’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, but she could dress up as elegantly as a queen. In the Big Apple, you have vibrant nightlife, fantastic eateries from cultures around the world, and people from every walk of life around you. Dress up or down, rub shoulders with people from around the globe, and drink in the excitement of the Big Apple for yourself- Belle would be jealous!

Elsa- Switzerland

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If you’re an Elsa fan, then Switzerland is sure to tick all the boxes for you. You will get to experience shining landscapes of snow and ice just like that in Frozen, but still be able to tuck up in a cozy warm room . You’ll also have a chance to enjoy pristine landscapes, ski on thrilling slopes, and maybe sneak a luxury chocolate or two. Switzerland is a super-safe travel destination beloved by many, and her many charms are sure to worm their way into your heart forever. Don’t forget to book a train journey to see the sights!

Snow White- Botswana

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The 7 dwarves may be the first thing to spring to your mind, but part of what made Snow White such an iconic Disney Princess was her deep love of animals. If you want to combine ethical tourism with a chance to see spectacular animals and even interact with a few, then Botswana is the place to go. Not only will an authentic African safari refresh your soul, but the glorious sight of some of the richest and most diverse animal life in the world will also thrill your heart. Just like your favorite Disney Princess, you’ll feel the magic drawcard of these gorgeous beasts, and want to burst into song to tell everyone about it!

Which of these fantastic tourist destinations would bring out your inner Disney Princess? Be sure to let us know!

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