22 Mind-Blowing Secrets At Disney World That Only A Few Fans Know About

Published on   Sep 18, 2020

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The "Happiest Place on Earth" is one of the most visited locations on the planet yet only a few know all Disney World's secrets. So strap in because here are some secrets that will make your next trip more worthwhile!

1 - Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square deliberately left out bathrooms

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There's a very simple reason: they wanted the building to accurately portray 18th century America.

2 - The Haunted Mansion hides Donald Duck

s2Via Harsh Light / Flickr & Photo courtesy of Thomas Radzak

While hidden Mickeys abound in Disney World, they haven't forgotten about Donald Duck. A chair in the Haunted Mansion's library holds Donald Duck's silhouette.

3 - Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin has a "cheat" code

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Shooting the red robot and claw will score you 100,000 each time, allowing you to reach a really high score.

4 - The flags at Magic Kingdom are all fake

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Each flag is missing a star or stripe to avoid strict regulations on the use of the national flag. They are more accurately called pennants rather than flags.

5 - About 15 minutes after the park officially closes, there is a "kiss good night" ceremony

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It involves lighting up the Cinderella Castle as they play "When You Wish Upon a Star" in the background.

6 - Children will see the Cinderella fountain statue differently from adults

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This is by design. An adult will just see Cinderella sitting down with the animals. But to a small child looking up at the statue, the mosaic behind her will make it seem like she's wearing a crown.

7 - "I don't know" doesn't exist in the vocabulary of Disney employees

s7Via Walt Disney Studios

they're also prohibited from using one finger when pointing. Some cultures consider pointing with the index finger rude. That's why Disney employees use two fingers to point.

8 - You can listen in on a special conversation if you pick up the retro telephone inside the Main Street hat shop

s8Via Harsh Light / Flickr

Spoiler: the conversation is an argument between a daughter and her mother about grocery prices. 

9 - Disney World actually has an abandoned water park inside

s9Via Steph Lawless / Dismaland

The River Country water park in the middle of Bay Lake opened in 1976 and closed down in 2001. However, it was never torn down and has remained abandoned ever since.

10 - The themed lands are cleverly designed so that they are not visible to each other even if they're side-by-side

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Disney World designers want you to be fully immersed in a land's theme. The design is so good that even in the Dumbo ride in Fantasyland, for example, the adjacent Tomorrowland isn't visible even if you're high up in the air.

11 - The actresses who play Disney princesses need to train as masked characters first

s11Via Sam Howzit / Flickr

Brianna Smith, who used to play Rapunzel, described the rigors of becoming a Disney princess. After a grueling interview process, successful candidates spend the first few weeks of their career training as a "furry" like Mickey Mouse.

12 - Cinderella's Castle and similar buildings are designed to appear taller than they are

s12Via Theme Park Tourist / Flickr

The architects of Disney World achieved this through a forced perspective. For example, Cinderella's Castle uses smaller bricks at the top so that it appears taller than its actual 189-foot height.

13 - There's an abandoned airport runway outside Magic Kingdom

s13Via BriYYZ / Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1970, Shawnee Airlines used the runway for about 2 years before it was closed. It now serves as backstage parking.

14 - Magic Kingdom employees use an extensive tunnel system to get around

s14Via Theme Park Tourist / Flickr

The legend goes that Walt Disney once saw a cowboy from Frontierland passing through Tomorrowland. He felt it totally broke the immersion experience and ordered that tunnels be built so that employees who needed to get to their posts can do so hidden from the public.

15 - Epcot wasn't supposed to be a theme park

s15Via Fran Phillips / Flickr

Walt Disney originally envisioned Epcot as a futuristic community. His death put a halt to those plans and Epcot became one of Disney World's four major theme parks instead.

16 - Disney World makes sure that the scents in its parks are consistent with their themes

s16Via Patricia T. / Yelp

The sense of smell strongly impacts memory so Disney's Imagineers made sure that hidden vents always pump out the appropriate scents for the theme such as the constant smell of freshly baked goodies at Main Street.

17 - You can book a lunch with a Disney World Imagineer

s17Via Theme Park Tourist / Flickr

You can have lunch with an Imagineer at Citrico's at the Grand Floridian Resort or Disney's Hollywood Brown Derby. You can then ask them about the creative process that goes into making a great Disney experience.

18 - Your family could be the lucky "family of the day" that opens Magic Kingdom in the morning

s18Via BeckyWadex / Instagram

That's because Disney employees will randomly pick out a family to be the star of the daily musical opening ceremony known as the "rope drop."

19 - You can find a camouflaged character named Divine in Animal Kingdom

s19Via SouthPlainsGroup / Instagram

A lot of people tend to miss spotting Divine. That's because her costume is great camouflage!

20 - Special guests and contest winners get access to a secret suite within Cinderella's Castle

s20Via Disney

Originally meant for Walt Disney and his family, the luxurious rooms are now reserved for special guests or the winners of regular sweepstakes determining who gets to spend a night there.

21 - Vendors in Disney World are prohibited from selling chewing gum 

s21Via History.com

It's part of the park's cleanliness drive but they won't stop you from bringing in your own gum. 

22 - There's a reason a trash can is always within 30 steps away in Disney World

s22Via uk_Mouseketeers / Instagram

Legend has it that Walt Disney himself observed that it took an average of 30 steps before a guest would drop trash on the ground. That's why trash cans are always within 30 steps of you.

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