15 Details That You Might've Missed In The New Frozen 2 Trailer

Published on   Oct 12, 2019


The new trailer for Frozen 2 has just been released and I’m sure we are all ready for the next installment of the Frozen saga. While watching the trailer, some of you may have already noticed some important links and potential story arcs. Read on to find out what has been discovered so far.

1. In both the trailer and promotional poster, we have been able to see diamond-like symbols which many have speculated about already. Well, since the trailer dropped the Internet has spoken, and many people argue that these symbols represent the four classical elements of fire, earth, water, and air.  



2. The rocks containing the four classical elements also appear on the edge of what appears to be an enchanted forest. If you look carefully, you’ll see that these rocks look suspiciously similar to the Ring of Stones in the movie Brave.



3. I addition to the previous two links, these symbols also appear in the first Frozen on ice crystals created by Elsa. This link has led many to fans to believe that the rocks may tell us about how Elsa got her powers. 


4. The fan community has already been talking about how Elsa is likely to become one of Disney’s first openly LGBTQIA+ characters, and the new trailer has got people talking more. In the trailer, we see a young girl who is said to be a member of the nomadic Northuldra tribe. After her appearance in the trailer, many fans have suggested that this girl may end up being Elsa’s love interest in the upcoming movie. Whether or not this is true, Disney has confirmed that this character will play a large role in the new movie.  


4 Disney

5. In addition to the previous character, we also see a young blonde boy who is set to be a major character in the new movie.



6. On closer inspection, we can see that this boy is wearing the royal colors of Arendelle and has royal soldiers standing by him.



7. An alternative theory to the girl being Elsa’s love interest is that the two previous characters could be Elsa and Anna’s parents when they were younger. This theory suggests that there will be a story arc in the movie, which shows how the parents met and later became husband and wife. This idea has come about as Disney has previously announced that the two parents will play a bigger role in Frozen 2.



8. This alternative theory is also cemented by the fact that King Agnarr has already told Elsa and Anna the story of the enchanted forest.



9.  Another interesting part of this fan theory is that the young girl who might be Iduna could be bringing one of Sven’s ancestors to Arendelle in the new trailer.



10.  Looking closer at this image from the trailer, the other children of the Northuldra are also carrying reindeer, which might show that the tribe lives in harmony with these animals.



11. Anna’s potential love interests are a hot topic for this movie, and at the D23 Expo, we got to see a scene in which Kristoff looks as if he’s trying to propose to Anna. It is possible that in this scene the creators have decided to edit something out of his hand which might just be an engagement ring!



12. We can also see what appears to be Arendelle soldiers and the Northuldra fighting together against an unknown enemy. This suggests that the Nothhuldra will play a major role in the upcoming movie.



13. In the trailer, we also see Anna and Olaf row past what looks like a sleeping giant. Later we see this giant hunting down Elsa.



14. You can also see Elsa's ice castle from the first movie in the background while the gang is traveling to the enchanted forest.


14 Disney

15. Finally, we see a lot of familiar faces from the first Frozen. Here we can see Oaken, some Arendelle nobility, and trolls. Also, the man standing to the left of Oaken looks a lot like Hans.


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