What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

By  Hansa Wang
Published on   Aug 30, 2019


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Few people hate dogs. They are so cute and faithful. Around the world, there might be a dog or two in most families. However, few of them know well about their dogs’ minds. In fact, we can understand our canine friends through the sounds and body language of them. If you want to be a dog whisperer, just go on reading and learn more about the “dog language”.


“ I’m very anxious.”

1James Barker / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

If your dog licks his lips or nose, or he yawns, please give more attention to him. He is anxious now. He might feel self-conscious and awkward. And you should be cautious of these signs and give some gentle care to your dog.


“ I feel a little cared.”

2Jamie Street / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

It is very evident when a dog is frightened. He will tuck his tail between the legs, his ears dropped and eyes opened wider. Sometimes he will growl when he is scared. At that time, don’t do anything that would aggravating him as it can be pretty dangerous.


“ I need your care.”

5Matthew Henry / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Dogs usually have a cheerful and sunny disposition. It is not often seen that a dog is sad. But they will howl if they are in a blue mood. The howl of a dog means that he feels lonely. Then you should give more attention to your friend at once.


“ You make me so relaxed.”

4Berkay Gumustekin / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Dogs love being petted. If your touch makes them feel relaxed, they will stay still with eyes closed. The usual way is to scratch behind dogs’ ears and rub their tummies. However, every dog has different weak spots. That depends.


“ Play with me, guy!”

3ipet photo / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

When the dog stretch his front legs and lean down on his elbows with his rear up in the air, chances are they want to play. That gesture is called as “play bow” which is a dog’s way of inviting another dog, animal, or human companion to play. So if your dog does that, just throw the ball to him. He must be very happy.

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