5 Clues Proving Chimps’ Identities As Human’s Cousins

By  Hansa Wang
Published on   Aug 30, 2019

封面Kelly Sikkema / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Scientists have explored for long to find connection with other species on the earth.  Despite conflicting opinions, it is real that there are lots of similarities between chimpanzees and human beings. Those social behaviors, once observed only in humans and apes, are also demonstrated in chimpanzees. Perhaps, they are also  human’s “cousins” as the apes are.


They prefer cooked food

1bill wegener / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

It has been long observed that chimps prefer cooked food. That means, the chimps have a basic understanding of the transformation process of cooking food. They are merely not able to use the fire. However, as some experiments have suggested, chimps might finally achieve that in several years.


They smile a lot

2Sophie Dale / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Human can smile. We smile when we feel happy; we smile when we greet friends;we put on a smiling face before the camera. Although chimps don’t have the level of technology as humans, they do smile much a lot. They also have various kinds of smile -- a quiet smile, a face-splitting smile showing all their teeth, or a wide smile with chuckles.


They can start a war

3Francesco Ungaro / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Not only humans have territorial fights. The fact remains that large coordinated assaults also take place between chimp group and their enemy group in the wild. This natural attacks usually exist in areas with a denser population of chimps or with a higher portion of male chimps.


They know they can think

4Susanne Schwarz / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Chimps have the ability of meta-cognition like humans. They can understand their own mental processes. Such intensive understanding makes them aware of the knowledge that they do and don’t own. By this discriminating ability, the chimps can make according reaction and behaviors.


They are capable of using tools

5Jesper Aggergaard / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

As you know that chimps can reflect on their own thoughts, it is not surprising that they also know how to use tools. Chimps had been found capable of using tools in 1960, when a few of them were observed to use sticks to find termites in dirt mounds. It was also reported that chimps used stones as hammers, utilized leaf pulp for wiping and cleaning. 

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