15 Photos Proving That Carefree Dogs Have Mastered The Art Of Relaxation

By  Lily
Published on   Jul 04, 2019

1. “Doggo has found his happy place”

    ????   ????   ????

2. “My dog is enjoying this hammock on a much deeper level than me.”  

2Source: imgur

3. “He is beauty, he is grace.”  ????

3Source: Reddit

4. “My Golden Retriever likes to sleep under the toilet.” ????

4Source: Reddit

5. “Forbidden salad”  ????

5Source: Reddit

6. “He’s feeling himself today.” 

6Via: Google.com

7. President of Ireland Michael Higgins with his faithful friend. 

7Source: Reddit

8. I Am Relaxing Today  ????

8Via: Google.com

9. “This dog fits neatly around the potted plant.”  

9Source: Reddit

10. “He has 3 expensive beds but prefers this one stupid brick.” ????

10Source: Reddit

11.Dogs can calm depression.

12. Dogs reduce stress and anxiety.

12Via: Google.com

13. Dogs offer warmth.

14. Dogs help you fall asleep faster.

15. Dogs help out brain chemistry.


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