Wear Lip Tints Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Published on   Mar 18, 2020


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Yes, all the signs, whether they are lions (Leo) or two-faced Pisces, look perfect in some specific lip tints. In this write-up, you will get to know about the best lip color according to your sign.

1. Aries

Aries always want to be number one. They are ambitious, bold, and confident. According to their personality, they can carry red lipsticks far better than any other sign. Of course, red will go best with their boldness.


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2. Taurus

Taurus loves soothing aromas and soft sounds. But with this softness, they crave for affection. Love is everything for a Taurus individual. They can wear dusty rose, nudes, or light pink shades, which will look perfect on them.


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3. Gemini

Geminis have an outgoing personality. You can say they are overly extroverted. Their natural, dangerous, and super versatile nature looks are fabulous in bright hues of lipstick colors, such as vibrant pink.


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4. Cancer

Cancer is an emotional sign in the zodiac sign. According to their ability to exist in both material and emotional realms, they look stunning in delicate pinks and muted mauves that give you a pretty smile with a soft look.   


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5. Leo

The queens are always ready to get into the spotlight. Leo, a fire sign, indicates that these goddesses will look stunning in luxurious shades. Red, orange, or coral lip tints will help them stand out in the crowd as natural-born leaders do.


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6. Virgo

Virgos are practical, logical, and systematic, almost in all the things they do regularly. They prefer muted shades that will match their earthy personality. Coral, nude, and apricot lip tints in the matte finish are enough for them to look pretty.  


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 7. Libra

Libras are obsessed with making equilibrium in their life. They are neither rash nor impulsive towards anything in their life. Their adventurous personality can easily shine out with lip colors like lilac or blue. Libra’s can also wear rosy pink or rick berry lipstick. 

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8. Scorpio

No one can predict a Scorpio. They have so much in their personality. You will find them as rule-breakers, bold, and mysterious. Their passionate and strong character can go perfectly with dark blue hues. This shade will also compliment a Scorpio’s intense eyes.

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9. Sagittarius

Most people love a Sagittarius because of their adventurous, athletic, and energetic personality. It is the most cheerful and bubbly of all signs. Their intellectual, geographical, and spiritual chasing personality looks perfect in bright pink or neon fuchsia lip tint.


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This sign is skilled at navigating both the emotional and material realm. Capricorns are professional, elegant, and goal-oriented people. According to their wardrobe and sense of styling themselves, duper nudes are the best lip tint colors for them.


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Friendly, the free-spirited, and unpredictable Aquarius can look pretty in original and daring trends. They usually love ombre lips, which complements their fun-loving sense of style.  


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A Pisces is sensitive and compassionate, and they are dreamers. Rose petal and raspberry hues themselves advocate their feminine and sensitive personality.


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