Makeup Secrets Everyone Needs To Know Right NOW

Published on   Nov 11, 2020

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Feel the need to up your lockdown makeup game? Keen to know exactly how the pros work their magic? Then keep reading- today we’re reaching into the secret beauty files and unveiling tricks, tips, and hush-hush secrets everyone needs to know.

Glowing cheeks made easy.

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Sick of looking like a badly-painted doll? With these sassy secrets, you’ll always have the best blush in the biz.

  1. 1) Try adding your best blush before you layer on the foundation. Focus on the apple of the cheek, and opt for a bright, warm color. This way, you give the illusion of the glow coming from beneath the makeup, from your skin.

  2. 2) Gel formulas, specifically layered under a bronzer or other powder, have greater traction and last longer.

  3. 3) Want to perfect your youthful glow? Place a pink- or red-toned blush on the apple of the cheek to mimic a natural flush. Then apply a coral, peach, or appropriate orange-hued blush to the high point of your cheekbone. Finish it off with deft touches of a matt bronzer on the bridge of the nose, cheekbone, and forehead.

  4. 4) Need a bright blush fast? Cherry Jell-O can be mixed into your moisturizer for a few touches of a gorgeous glow.

Frame your face!

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Need to get the perfect canvas to work on? Try these fabulous tips

  1. 1) Not keen on the pancake look? Lighten your foundation by mixing it with a little moisturizer. You can reverse this, and mix a little loose powder in to make the foundation thicker, but don’t go overboard- it could cake.

  2. 2) Skip the queue for blotting papers. A Starbucks napkin (or even a fresh disposable loo-seat cover) will get the job done efficiently.

  3. 3) Want to glow up? Try mixing a golden or pearly eye shadow into your foundation for some instant inner radiance.

  4. 4) Run out of primer? In a pinch, you can use a dab of cornstarch to set your skin perfectly to take foundation. Just don’t overdo it.

  5. 5) Do you match your foundation to the back of your hand? Chances are you’re choosing the wrong color. Instead, match to the skin on the inside of your wrist or arm.

  6. 6) Need a quick facelift? Whisk up an egg white until frothy and let it sit on the skin for 20 minutes before applying your makeup. It will tighten the skin and temporarily erase fine lines. You can use the yolk on nights you need extra hydration. Mix it with a spoon of high-quality olive oil, and wear it as a mask for 20 minutes.

Sparkling eyes to die for

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They say your eyes are the windows of the soul- and they will be with these top tips!

  1. 1) Master mascara forever by gently lifting the eyelid right at the base of the lashes with the handle of a brush. By allowing your lashes to roll up and back, you’ll be able to pull the mascara through clump-free from base to tip. A few drops of saline solution can revive dry mascara, but it’s better to toss it and treat yourself to another.

  2. 2) Suffering from puffy eyes? Chill your eye cream before use, and be sure to use it under your makeup too.

  3. 3) Keen to look a little younger? Pop a luminizing shade in your inner eye corner, then swoop through it and under the eye with a fan brush to brighten everything up.

  4. 4) If you’re looking for an immaculate ‘flick’ from your cat eye, try applying your mascara first to create a clear guide.

Luscious lips you’ll love

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With these simple tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have kissable lips 24/7

  1. 1) Battling to find the perfect shade of red? The secret lies in knowing your undertones. Stick with cool tones for cool undertones, and warm for warm. If you want to add a little fullness, use the opposite tone right in the center of the lip. If you’re using a statement shade you want to draw attention to, a color corrector used on your lips will blank out the canvas.

  2. 2) Again, it’s time to skip the back of the hand when testing shades. Rather use the inside of your fingertip as a guide, as it closely resembles your natural lip shade. You can also use the inside of your lip as a color guide.

  3. 3) Concealer on the outside of the lip, and a flesh-tone eyeliner at the Cupid’s bow, will keep lipstick from feathering, lift the lips and make them look full.

Burnished brows

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Keep your brows on fleek with these simple tweaks

  1. 1) Can’t get a realistic brow filler for natural brows? A No. 2 graphite pencil sharpened ultra-fine will do the job.

  2. 2) Create luminous lashes and brows by lightly dusting bronze or gold pigment through wet brows and lashes.

  3. 3) Don’t skimp on the eyebrow balm if you’re trying to thicken them up. Pop some on every night before bed.

  4. 4) Be sure to add primer to the brow area as well, to keep your brow color in place no matter what happens.

With these beauty tips from the masters under your belt, you’ll always look like a million dollars, no matter where you’re going!        
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