Embrace The 7 Beauty Trends That Decorate Your Face In Shine 2020

By  Caroline
Published on   Feb 07, 2020

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If 2019 makeup looks were all about experimentation, then 2020 is the year of embracing the drama and acting casual about it. It was an unapproachable, scary thing to stick rhinestones on your face solely for Coachella or neon liner. What you need is a multicolored palette or technique you saw on Instagram (it’ll look good, we promise) and throw caution to the proverbial wind. But It is easier to say that “doing your own thing,” and “expressing yourself,” than to do, and it’s pretty necessary to follow makeup artists Jaleesa Jaikran and Kasey Spickard to go through the makeup trends you’ll see all year long.

Skin Is In


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luminous skin, which is Ushered in by skin-first brands like Glossier and glow-obsessed makeup artists like Nam Vo, dewy, has become a trend of its own. Spickard, who loves creating a flawless, hydrated base, says “Hydrated, nourished, and radiant without looking metallic is in,” And he added that this would manifest in products too, predicting that multipurpose balms for face and body will be everywhere. ANFISA Lilou Skin Regenerating Balm, which he uses to create a natural, dewy look, becomes his current favorite.

Cool Tones

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Cool tones are getting a chance at the spotlight after a decade-long obsession with warm-toned hues. Spickard references the pastel blues and greens from NYFW S/S 2020 and says that “We're going to see more blues, greens, purples, and cool pinks make their way back into our eye looks.”  

Unexpected Liner

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Although it’s probably the lasting effects of Euphoria or the itch to try something innovative and new, bold eyes are still becoming the norm. The eyes will be the place to experiment this year, and it’s good to start from eyeliner. From the prediction of Spickard, the classic wing will be remixed with different shades and finishes like metallic or pastels that replace the classic black shade. Another fun way to get in on the trend is to forgo liner altogether and use embellishments instead. It’s the time to get lash glue to help adhere the rhinestones to the and a tweezer to apply, Jaikran shared.

More Than A Hint Of Blush

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Blush is one of those beauty products that does a lot but gets none of the credit for doing it. Blush, the unsung hero of a beat face, has the ability to make anyone look fresh and rested, and adds a little intrigue to an otherwise flat base. It tends to be a subtle add rather than a focal point, but that’s set to change this year. Draping, a ‘70s era blush placement that involves the cheeks and temples is rising, as is carrying it onto your eyelids for an almost mask-like look.



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The motto of 2020 is: You’re probably not doing it right, if you’re not sticking something on. No matter what you are doing like pasting on a nail sticker, dotting on a colored gem, or rocking a star-shaped acne patch in the middle of a Tuesday, adorning your skin with add-ons is a new-decade mood.

The New Classic


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Spickard, who was characterized by matte, sculpted eyeshadows, brown lip liner, mauves and taupes, says ‘90s supermodel glam is on the rise for 2020, The look started popping up last year and was spotted on everyone from Kim Kardashian-West to Jorja Smith — with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Spidery Lashes

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Spickard revealed, Twiggy-like lashes will come back to the trend in 2020, pointing to Sophie Turner’s ‘60’s-esque SAG Awards beat. he recommends “Keeping both the top and bottom lashes super elongated and fluttery,” to get the look, and exaggerating those bottom lashes!


It’s just the beginning of 2020. Are you prepared to embrace the upcoming 2020 beauty trends? Come and join us to follow them and make yourself shine in 2020.

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