Editing Blunders: These Instagram Images Are Too Edited To Be True..

Published on   Jun 28, 2022

If you want to make quick edits to images to make them look better, editing apps can be useful. However, employing them to excessively manipulate photos is like punishing the internet audience. A minor change might add beauty, but entirely changing one's appearance makes it impossible to share images.

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People claim that social media is to blame for the "ideal" body image, but they nevertheless aspire to belong to that group. This article presents several editing projects that have reached the craziest possible level.

Reflection Never Lies

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Once upon a time, a girl tried on a pretty outfit. The remainder is history. She only had to publish a picture of herself trying on a grey outfit, and the mirror image revealed who she wasShe made certain edits to enhance her physical features. But it was clear that she appeared nothing short of spectacular in her own reflection. Why did she have to do the modifications that damaged an otherwise beautiful picture?

Real Story of Instagram Models

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You are not the only one who got attracted to the clothes of a model. We have all been there only to discover that the clothes looked entirely different on us when tried on. It's a well-kept secret that the model's outfits are always flawless thanks to the method in the image. In order to make it a picture-perfect outfit, they pin it up at the back. When we next snap a photo, let's give this a shot (of course from the front).

The Problem is Only with the Tennis Court

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Have you ever seen a tennis court that has curved lines instead of straight? If not, here is one. When she attempted to make edits to her body, this woman got it all wrong. This image is not real, even a young child can tell you that. She has worked so hard to make it appear this way, but in vain. She could have at least sought for hints in the backdrop if she had been aware of how unreal she appeared to be.

Piercing, Fake or Real?

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Did you ever think about how piercing would look on you before you got one? You should have taken a lesson from this lady who didn’t have to go through the pain of piercing at all. What she did was interesting. She took help from an app to make a fake piercing and clicked a picture that she thought was cool. But the dot that was supposed to be a piercing looked more like a black spot above the lips, like a sketch pen mark.

She Literally Chipped Her Face-Off

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Looking at this girl’s picture, we strongly felt that someone commented on her face very badly, and she took revenge on that person. Hey girl, after all, it is your face; show some mercy! Whatever the shape of your face, there is nothing wrong with it. Let's go with this. She worked hard to balance things out by chipping the other side of her face after chipping one side (edited). This continued until the face took on a triangle-like shape. 

Want to Try Bending Light?

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Look closely at the picture to see the light rays from behind the woman bending near her nose. We have always felt that the laws of Physics turn before Instagram posts. This one is the best example. Her nose appears to have undergone some trimming to improve its appearance. And the outcome? The light from behind twisted and had an extremely strange appearance. The next time you post, it will be beneficial if you give it some thought.

All Thanks to Snapchat Filter

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This picture is proof of how Snapchat filters can turn against you. Did you know that when you move too fast while using a Snapchat filter, it just stops working? Yes, this is true, and the picture shows it. This woman attempted to use a Snapchat filter to improve her photo. Additionally, one believes that the woman does not resemble her original image when comparing the images taken before and after applying the filters. The filtered version appears to have been overly altered.

Are These People Real?

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Couples often get misled by the infinite editing options available in different apps, which happened in this picture. We like to believe that the people in the picture looked beautiful before the editing was done. There is a limit to being fake, and this is beyond that. Both husband and wife have worn matching Gucci, but did anyone feel like they look a bit alike, too? Or is it because of the editing experiment they dared to do on themselves?

Is It You Who Came on TV or Your Twin?

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Recall the youngster who performed the "coronavirus challenge" by licking the seat of a public restroom? He tested positive for Covid, the end result. However, he received a lot of attention when he participated in TV interviews, but few people were familiar with him. The poor thing had the habit of overly editing pictures before posting them on social media and elsewhere. Now that people know the real him, he finds it difficult to post edited pictures similar to his original look.

Presenting Two Types of Hands for the Same Person

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Look at the two hands of the woman in the picture. Is it even possible to have one skinny hand and the other a monster hand? The bigger hand even has nails resembling that of a monster. We assume that the girl wanted to have a size-zero figure and did some editing to that end. But the mistake she made was making the hands appear different from each other. Whether it is deliberate or an error is still unknown.

Let us know in the comments that if you find these images Real or Fake. 

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