7 Things You Can Easily Relate With If You Wear Lipstick

Published on   Jul 01, 2019


Let me ask you a question. If you have a chance to win a million dollars on account of your looks and you are to select only 2 materials from your makeup kit with which to make up yourself, what would you choose? Let me guess, there is a 90% chance lipstick will be one of the two materials you would pick. 

Ladies, let's be frank, we are all beautiful and looking good is our hobby. Over the years you must have discovered a specific beauty regimen which brings out your beauty more and you have gotten used to it that it has become your daily companion. In fact, it is safe to say that the lipstick is the MVP (most valuable player) of every makeup kit. If you are lipstick aficionado like us, certainly you must have noticed these 7 things about the use of lipstick.


Color is Everything


Lipsticks are colorful. Color brings out beauty. We all have a style and our personal style demands that we have a favorite color. Fashion demands that you dress in such a way that blends with your skin color and attire you are wearing. Yes, it's possible at times that you have two or three colors you really like but even within these colors, there will be one you prefer above the rest. With time you tend to develop an identity around your favorite lipstick color such that people tend to get surprised if you haven't worn that color in a spate of few days.


Variety within Choice


Even though you have a preferred choice among the many colors, the allure of variety is one that is difficult to resist. There are varieties within a particular color that you can switch in-between that will still give a solid compliment to your beauty. In today's business centric world, shades of each color of lipstick are making their ways into cosmetic stores worldwide meaning that you can choose even within an option. Fashion is unpredictable and you can retain the element of surprise even within your preferred color. Now tell me, how cool is that!


Eyeshadow Color Symphony


 Beauty is an art. The coordination in your looks matters. Your face is like an orchestra, the lipstick is the choir and the eyeshadow is the coordinator of the orchestra; your beauty depends on the coordination between both, hence while making up, you may want to make sure there is agreement between eyeshadow and lipstick. That is a major fashion rule you must not disobey.


Compact Mirror is your Favorite Companion


Looking good is serious work and it is one that pays. Have you imagined why beauty is so important that people actually pay to learn it? Looking good requires strategic application of beauty products at the right places on your face! A painting looks good only to the extent to which the colors are properly applied within the specified spots they are meant to be. This is why a compact mirror must always come handy with you at all times. This is important because it can guide you in applying the lipstick correctly as it should be applied. Believe me, a mirror is your true friend on the journey of beauty.


How Unsettling it can be to go out without it!

Maybe you woke up a little later than you usually do and you are running late for school or office with literally no time for makeup. Hmm, how would you feel for the rest of the day? It would be almost like walking about naked isn’t it? It can be so destabilizing and can really sap your self confidence for most parts of the day because you would be unsure if you look as beautiful as you look with makeup on. Yet, one thing we all cannot avoid is that at some point we are bound to experience times whereby times seem to be against us. Regardless of how often you have had to rush out the home for an appointment, going out without lipstick can nearly induce a mild panic attack almost all the time.


Feeling like a Queen with it on


It is difficult to identify any particular beauty care product that accentuates beauty like the lipstick. It is almost odd to find a lady who doesn’t use one. If you feel you look beautiful without lipstick, try using one and then compare and contrast your looks in both! The difference will be clear. A woman deserves to look beautiful all the time. The world must pause to admire your beauty; this is why you shouldn’t shortchange yourself by deliberately omitting the use of lipstick daily.


Once may not be enough

Each day comes with its own demands. Guess what, your body, particularly your skin responds to the stress that you undergo. The texture of your lipstick can wear off due to such factors as weather and the stress you are undergoing. The good thing is that you don’t have to be boxed into a corner when this happens. Pull your act together and apply the lipstick again. You go girl.

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