7 Amazing Or Funny Makeup Challenges To Hit YouTube

By  Hansa Wang
Published on   Aug 31, 2019

69Via Google.com

Have you ever watched some of the crazy and hilarious makeup challenge on YouTube? These makeup YouTubers are so creative about their channels. Many new must-try challenges about makeup are popping up every month. And here are some of the favorites we select from YouTube.


Full face using only liquid lipsticks challenge


To finish this makeup challenge, Nikkie need do a full face of makeup using only liquid lipsticks. Let’s get crazy with these lipsticks and see what happens!

Doing my Makeup Underwater! Extreme Makeup Challenge


With makeup challenges being more common on YouTube over the last several years, the makeup YouTubers are pushed to try harder challenges. So , Cloe Couture took on the underwater full face makeup challenge which was a lot harder than she thought.

Blindfolded makeup challenge


The Haschak Sisters just had a lot of fun doing the blindfolded makeup challenge!  The premise is simple: Attempt to make up each other blindfolded. Who do you think won?  

Full face of makeup using only art supplies


The YouTuber, James Charles, grew up drawing and painting. In this video, he decided to try to get ready using ONLY art supplies!! Get ready as he uses chalk pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint, and natural sponges to glam his face to the GODS!

Good Unicorn Makeup vs Bad Unicorn Makeup Challenge


Not all unicorns are kindly and funny. Today the Bad Unicorn has come to visit our old friend Good Unicorn! What came of it, and how to make cosmetics for a good and bad unicorn, watch in this video!


Full face using no brushes makeup challenge


Here is another video from James Charles. He will try out his first ever makeup challenge! He retired his brushes and broke out his pointy stilettos and tried his best to create this glittery cut crease.


One item only makeup challenge


The girls challenge their creativity in a One Item Only Makeup Challenge. How well will they fair with only one item for their WHOLE FACE?

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