6 Fashion Trends From The 90s That Are Making A MAJOR Comeback

By  Hansa Wang
Published on   Aug 20, 2019

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As the whole world steps forward, we can never throw the past behind. Now we are looking forward to the amazing future life where we have the holograms, hoverboards and etc. Those past things, however, are turning back into our lives. Polaroid cameras and vinyl players have been fashion again and are becoming more popular. Even the decoration of retro style is making its way back into our houses. As for women ’s fashion, the 2019 fashion trend seems to come back into the 90s style.


Brown lipstick is accepted again

1oliana_gruzdeva / Via Pixabay / pixabay.com

Have you remembered the 90s time when you begged your dear mom to buy you a brown lipstick? At that time all girls longed for a brown lipstick rocked by Drew Barrymore. As time went by, the idea that brown was the most flattering color had changed. So we stowed it away in our makeup drawer. But it’s time you dug it out of your drawer now as brown lipstick is accepted again! Won’t you want a go?



Are you ready for the visors?

2Tamara Bellis / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

The visors were really fashion in the 90s. But this trend didn’t last for a much long time. Very soon people only wore hats with visor when playing golf or tennis. Visors were hardly seen then in other places. This outdated accessory, however, has been brought into our lives again by the fashion houses across the world. So are you ready for it? Although it is uncertain whether the visor is cool or not, just give it a try! 


Flannel shirts are really cool

3Benjamin Combs / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

In 00s, flannel shirts were considered as farmers’ dressup and stashed away in our wardrobes. Actually flannel shirts were really all the rage in the past. Working perfectly with the chains on our jeans, they looked so cool. Gratefully, they make an appearance in our lives again. The year of 2019 is flannel time. You can wear the flannel shirt on its own or on tank top. There are a lot of way of wearing your flannels.



Backpack is coming back

4Omar Roque / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

The backpack is considered as one of the greatest inventions. It does have made our lives much easier as we have no worry about lugging all our makeup in our hands or carrying a purse on our arm. With our arms totally freed, we could go shopping or hang out pretty comfortably. As we are missing it so much, it is pleasing that the backpack comes back into fashion.



Dungaree is back now

5Camila Cordeiro / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Being comfortable, cool, and also quirky, dungaree is a fashion item which you can never go wrong with. Everyone must have such a pair hidden in the closet since the 90s. But now, you are advised to take it out as soon as possible. Why? Because dungaree is back! You can match your denim dungaree with stripey tops, crop tops and etc. And you could even top the whole thing off with a baseball cap, which would make you more retro.



Dad sneakers are sneaking in

6Hermes Rivera / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Dad sneakers were all the rage in the 90s. People made a statement by wearing the big, colorful, and garish sneakers. In a short time, the dainty ballet pumps and smaller sneakers had replaced them. However, Dad sneakers are coming back as every single celebrity in Hollywood is rocking them again. Have you been in love with them?

Fashion is a cycle. So some of the coolest fashion trends from the 90s are brought back into our lives again. They do fascinate us. 

What do you think?